Best Disc Golf Monthly Subscription

In the you are a disc golf enthusiasts, the Infinite Discs VIP Club is the premier monthly disc golf subscription service.

Diverse Disc Selection

A notable feature of the Infinite Discs VIP Club is its inclusion of discs from a diverse range of brands. This encompasses both established and emerging brands within the disc golf industry. By offering a mix of well-known and lesser-known options, the subscription service introduces subscribers to a broader spectrum of the many great disc golf discs manufactured in the world today.

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Unreleased Discs and Novel Plastics

The VIP Club’s allure is further bolstered by its propensity to provide subscribers with discs that are often unreleased or manufactured using innovative and unique plastics. This offers enthusiasts the chance to access and evaluate discs before they become widely available, fostering a sense of exclusivity and curiosity.

Artistic Disc Designs

Colorful VIP Club disc with unique three foil artworkEach disc included in the VIP Club subscription package is adorned with unique artwork. This distinct visual feature enhances the aesthetic appeal of the discs, contributing to their identity both on and off the disc golf course.

Collectible Potential

An intriguing aspect of the VIP Club is its potential to introduce subscribers to discs that may later become highly sought-after collectibles. It’s worth noting that certain VIP discs have gained significant value on the secondary market, occasionally selling for more than triple the price VIP members pay for the discs.

An Anticipatory Unboxing Experience

Opening the metallic VIP package each month creates an element of anticipation akin to unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning. This tactile aspect of the subscription service adds a layer of excitement for subscribers.

VIP Club members are NOT allowed to take pictures of or share on social media their monthly disc surprise until after all members have received their monthly package. This ensures the exciting anticipatory unboxing experience every month.

Additional VIP Club Membership Perks

Beyond the discs themselves, the Infinite Discs VIP Club extends a range of benefits to its subscribers:

  1. Discounts: Members enjoy a discount on all orders from Infinite Discs, giving them savings on every purchase they make from the World’s largest disc golf store.
  2. Exclusive Pro Shop Access: Subscribers gain privileged access to the VIP pro shop, which offers limited-edition releases, pre-releases, and rare discs not accessible to the general public.
  3. Early Access: VIP members are granted early access to discs within the Infinite Discs and partner brand lines, enhancing their ability to secure sought-after releases before the general public.
  4. Shipping Convenience: Free shipping on orders from the VIP pro shop streamlines the purchasing experience for subscribers.

The Infinite Discs VIP Club distinguishes itself within the realm of disc golf subscription services through its diverse disc selection, inclusion of unreleased discs, artistic disc designs, potential for collectability, as well as additional membership benefits. While individual preferences may vary, the comprehensive nature of the VIP Club’s offerings undoubtedly positions it as a compelling option for disc golf enthusiasts seeking to enhance their collection and engage more deeply with the sport.

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