Q: Isn’t $19.99 a high price for a single disc?

A: Actually, the $19.99 price tag is a nice price considering a few of the benefits and features of the discs we’ll be sending. You would usually spend near that amount for a premium disc plus shipping from most online stores.  Our price includes the shipping costs. But, this is also a unique, limited edition disc, and we’re working to make sure that they have not only great stamps, but great plastics and great value.  Some may be “worth” more than others, depending on your tastes and the offers from the manufacturers, but they will always be limited and always be fun discs. Plus, there will be occasional VIP Club offers, discounts, and extra goodies sent with the VIP discs (the bag tag, for instance).

Q: What are the extras that I might receive?

A: We’re leaving the “extras” primarily as a surprise. Sometimes you’ll get a little something extra, sometimes you won’t, but we’re working with the manufacturers to make sure every package we send out to the VIP Club members treats them like…well…VIP’s.

Q: The Canadian and overseas subscription prices seem high. Why?

A: The price for the Canadian and overseas subscribers will be higher for one reason, and one reason only– that is what it actually costs to ship your disc every month.  International shipping is expensive. That is a fact. We will not be making a dollar more on your discs, but we also can’t afford to lose money sending discs overseas. We have to charge you the price difference to cover the shipping. So, the prices listed are the TOTAL prices. That is for the disc, plus the compensation for the international shipping charge.

Q: What if I don’t like every disc I receive?

A: We can guarantee quality, but we can’t guarantee taste. We will be working with a lot of different manufacturers in this program. Some of them may be your favorites, but some may not.  Some will be large, well known manufacturers, while others will be newer, smaller manufacturers. Some of the disc models may be the kind of disc that you use regularly and that you love dearly. Others may not find a place in your bag because they don’t fit your style.  Some of the artwork designs may be something you find very cool. Maybe others are not your particular taste. We feel like they will all be fun discs with great potential and style, but there is simply no way to hit hundreds of differing personal taste on the bulls-eye every time.  So, if you don’t like a particular disc, we’d recommend  holding onto it a bit, and then perhaps trading it or selling it to somebody out there who really wants that disc. Or just keep it to have a complete collection.  It will be your property, so do what you want with it.

Q: What if I’m new to disc golf? Would this program be a good way to fill my bag?

A: We’ve had comments from several new players who are excited about the VIP Club as a way to try new discs and fill their bags. We love that adventurous spirit! However, as a new player, it is probably important to get a few basic discs in your bag that can cover the basic needs of the game, and waiting a month to get what may or may not be the most critical help to your game might not always be the best approach.  For instance…what if you get 3 or 4 drivers before you even have a putter? Make sure you have the basics to play your game, and then use the VIP Club discs to add to your available arsenal.  We’ll help you fill your bag, if that’s your desire.

Q: What if I decide to unsubscribe?

A: If you decide to unsubscribe, then you simply need to give us a 30-day notice.  That way we can make sure you receive the discs you’ve paid for, and that the disc quantities already in production have their intended home, then you’ll be dropped from the club. Once your spot in the VIP Club is vacated, we will immediately invite somebody on the waiting list to take your place. Thus, you may not be able to join again for a while, depending on the turn-over.

Q: What if I miss out on the club discs because I don’t subscribe, but I decide to get in later?

A: We will maintain and ongoing waiting list. Whenever a spot becomes available, we’ll contact the next person on the waiting list with an invitation to join.  At some point in the future, we may make a slight increase in the VIP Club spots available if the line becomes too long.  So, it will always be a good idea to get on the waiting list if you decide to join down the road.

Q: How will you process payments?

A: We will be using a Paypal subscription program to process payments. Once you subscribe, then you’ll be charged every month (on the anniversary of your initial payment) for each subsequent disc. Even if you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still proceed with the subscription using your credit or debit card, through Paypal’s system. That is simply the most convenient way we have found for the payments to be charged in an orderly fashion that we can track.

Q: What if I’m not ready when the payment goes through and my payment is declined?

A: Usually Paypal tries a couple of times before sending notice of a final declined payment. Paypal automatically cancels the subscription after a declined payment.  If we see that a payment has been declined, we’ll contact the VIP Club member as quickly as we can to make sure that they know that there was a problem with their payment. They will have a chance to fix the situation and re-subscribe to stay current.  It is best to make sure you always have a current expiration date and/or balance so that the payments don’t decline, because it can cause you to lose your spot in the club if not resolved in a timely manner.

Q: I’m not really interested in subscribing, but I don’t want to miss out on any discs that I might love. What do I do?

A: Sorry, we can’t solve that dilemma for you. If you subscribe, you’ll get the discs. If you don’t, then there is no guarantee you’ll ever be able to get one that you suddenly wish you had. There’s a good chance that some of the discs will make it onto auction sites or whatever, but that would not be from us– that would be from other subscribers. Maybe you could grab a disc that way, but there is no way to know that.

Q: Why can’t I just buy the VIP discs I want from your store?

A: We are keeping VIP edition discs exclusive to subscribers.  If discs appear online for sale, it is because somebody out there subscribed with the intention of selling the discs for a profit. Many people subscribe simply because they know that many of the VIP edition discs are more valuable than the $19.99 they pay. You can buy VIP discs from online sales pages, but will likely not be able to buy a VIP Club disc from our Infinite Discs store. In rare instances where we may have done an unusually large run with a manufacturer additional discs may be sold on our main website, but will most likely have a different stamp. VIP discs excluded, you can always select the discs you want from our store, which by the way, has over 50,000 individually photographed and weighed discs to choose from.

Q: Will I be able to purchase multiples of the VIP Club discs?

A: We allow people to subscribe for multiples, but that would be at the full $19.99 price per disc, per month (or the international price, as the case may be).  There is a cap of no more than 3 per person. So, if you’re enthusiastic enough that you want two or three of each disc, you’ll be able to do that, but you would be subscribing for two or three discs each and every month. There is no picking-and-choosing how many of each individual disc. Some subscribers like to purchase two discs a month so that they have one for throwing and the other for collecting.

Q: If somebody else gets multiples, would that fill extra spots in the club?

A: Well, yes.  If somebody subscribes for three discs, then they’d technically be filling three of the available spots in the club.

Q: Will you ever expand the VIP Club to include more subscribers if there is a demand?

A: Yes. If the demand grows because of the response and growth of the sport, then we will expand to include more subscribers. But there will always be a cap. Every disc will always be limited. We want to keep it exclusive.  The discs will have the “cap” number printed on each one.  So you’ll know that you are one of “X” number of subscribers who received that disc.

Q: Why are you doing this VIP Club anyway?

A: Because we love disc golf, we love discs, and everybody here at Infinite Discs is just as excited about the VIP Club as many of you are.  Whenever we get boxes of discs for the store, we lovingly remove them and show each other our favorites. It’s kind of an addiction. We want to feed our addiction and help others out there who love a pleasant surprise each month to feed their addiction as well. We want Infinite Discs to be a hub for everything you love about the game. So, we have a fun online store, we have a fun blog, we have a disc golf course review site, we help organize and participate in tournaments, we have a fun online interface for keeping your scores and player profile up to date, we have a new app, and a disc-of-the-month club! We just want to build disc golf into the huge, internationally loved game that it deserves to be.

Thanks for your support!