#27 – July 2018 – Vision C-Blend Slab by Infinite Discs

quantity manufactured = 600

Artwork by David Demaret

When Infinite Discs was planning the first discs that would be released on our own brand, the SLAB was one that we all wanted from the beginning. We wanted a very overstable driver for power throwers or to fill any bag as a utility disc for hard fades or throwing into the wind. We wanted them to be flat and beefy. We made arrangements with Innova and manufactured a special batch in C-Blend (Champion) plastic and arranged to have full color artwork printed edge-to-edge as an extra special run. In the end, the VIP Club edition turned out to be more overstable than the stock, Metal Flake C-Blend run. It was closer to what we intended than the stock run in terms of flight characteristics, plus it looked fabulous.