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#80 – December 2022 – Aura Construct

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design by Arif Saputra The December 2022 featured disc was the CONSTRUCT from Thought Space Athletics in Aura plastic. It came with a special edition stamp which works nicely with the “Black Friday” edition that was released by Infinite Discs. That BF edition has the design as seen on the sticker […]

#78 – October 2022 – Cole Redalen Halo Scepter

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design by Jiks Studio The 78th release in the monthly VIP Club series is a special Cole Redalen signature edition Halo S-Blend Scepter. It is the first edition of the popular, overstable driver in Halo S-Blend plastic and also supports young, professional disc golfer, Cole Redalen, with his own signature stamp. […]

#77 – September 2022 – Swirly Premium Strike

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design by Birdie Disc Golf Number 77 in the VIP Series of monthly featured discs is a special edition Premium plastic Strike by Birdie Disc Golf. The Strike is a precision fairway driver for maximum accuracy and control. Birdie Disc Golf made a special edition stamp for the first run for […]

#76 – August 2022 – Uranium Prototype Famine

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design by Arif Saputra The featured disc for August 2022 is the prototype run of the FAMINE understable distance driver by Doomsday Discs in Uranium plastic.  The Famine was designed as an understable companion to the Plague overstable distance driver this early prototype run provided a way for members of Team […]

#75 – July 2022 – Signature Metal Flake Glow C-Blend Dynasty

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design by Raven Klein The featured disc for July 2022 is an Eric Oakley Signature Edition of the DYNASTY in Metal Flake Glow C-Blend by Infinite Discs.  While the regular Eric Oakley edition of the Dynasty had been released in Swirly S-Blend plastic to the general public, the VIP Club got […]

#72 – April 2022 – ESP Machete

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design by Jiks Studio The featured disc for April 2022 is the MACHETE overstable driver in EPS plastic by Discraft.  This was a plastic-disc combination that hadn’t been made for years, since the early days of the Machete. We thought it deserved a special edition release through the VIP Club with […]

#71 – March 2022 – Steady Popcorn

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Design Manipulation by Kesler Martin The featured disc for March 2022 is the POPCORN putter in Steady plastic from Clash Discs. The Finish brand, Clash Discs, entered the disc golf scene strongly at the end of 2021 with an impressive sponsorship deal with Nikko Locastro. They’ve been growing fast with the […]

#68 – December 2021 – StayPut Golem

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Artwork by Aubrey Durrant The Golem in StayPut rubber from Divergent Discs was the 68th disc in the VIP Series. It featured an exclusive “candy cane” red and white design with a cheerful holiday Golem stamp. This is the first run release of the Golem, exclusively to the VIP Club, several […]

#67 – November 2021 – Chrome Apollo

Quantity Manufactured = 1500 Artwork by Arif Saputra Number 67 in the VIP series of monthly featured discs was the debut release of the Apollo in Chrome plastic by Alfa Discs from Norway. Chrome plastic is an opaque, durable plastic similar to Innova Star or Latitude 64 Gold Line. The special VIP edition featured a […]