#33.2 – January 2019 – Eclipse Deflector by MVP

quantity manufactured = 400

Artwork by Thought Space Athletics

MVP had released the Deflector mid-range in 2018 and it was by far their most overstable mid-range. It was very warmly received by fans of the brand, so we asked if we could get a VIP Club edition when it came out in Eclipse plastic (Proton plate with glow rim). We worked with Thought Space Athletics to make two variations of a great stamp featuring a Tsuchigumo, a mythological Japanese giant spider. This was the first time that we split a VIP Club run with a couple of different versions of the stamp design, but where club members would not necessarily receive a pair. The intent was to establish more rarity for the two versions of the stamp and to encourage more trading and collector appeal. The second version of the stamp features a more human-like head on the monster.