#45 – January 2020 – Swirly S-Blend EMPEROR by Infinite Discs

Quantity manufactured = 800

Artwork by Thought Space Athletics

Infinite Discs has been happy to help support Garrett Gurthie on his professional touring efforts and in 2020 we thought it would be fun to kick off the year with a new, signature Emperor for Garrett. He really liked the Swirly S-Blend run (the first Emperor in that plastic type) so we decided that the VIP Club members would be the first to get their hands on this special edition. 800 discs were stamped with the design by Thought Space Athletics. Garrett ended up loving the disc so much that he took a stack of them and decided to make it his primary distance driver for the 2020 tournament season. Poetically, a month after the signature edition reached the VIP Club members, Garrett threw a 432 foot ace on a par 4 hole at the Las Vegas Challenge with his new Emperor.