#60 – April 2021 – Premium Sparkle and Ultrium FLIPPERI by Prodiscus

Quantity manufactured = 1000

Artwork by Andres Aguinaldo

The 60th release in the monthly featured series for the VIP Club was the FLIPPERI by Prodiscus. After featuring a streak of rather overstable discs, we thought it would be nice to feature a very understable driver to change things up. The Flipperi by Prodiscus fits the bill, though the word “Flipperi” technically means “Pinball.” The VIP Club edition was the first that added sparkles / glitter to the Prodiscus Premium plastic. However, some of the boxes of discs were lost on the way from Finland to Infinite Discs. So Prodiscus sent over the rest of the discs in Ultrium plastic so that everybody would get an April disc.  Thus 744 of the 1000 discs were in Sparkle Premium plastic, and 256 of the 1000 discs are in Ultrium plastic.  That was the first time since the beginning of the VIP Club program that so many discs were lost on the way to our warehouse and could not be found in time to ship to members. But Prodiscus helped get things worked out for a fun Flipperi.