#85 – May 2023 – Dustin Keegan Glow C-Blend Roman

Quantity Manufactured = 1500

Design by Ryan Koster (Ripper Studios)

The VIP Club featured disc for May 2023 was a Dustin Keegan signature edition Glow C-Blend ROMAN. This was one of the newest drivers in the Infinite Discs lineup when it was sent to the VIP Club in a special glow run. It was released in collaboration with Team Infinite player, Dustin Keegan. As with other early runs of the Roman, the bottom embossing says “Ronin” because that was going to be the original name until another brand told us we couldn’t use the name (they’d been selling a Ronin disc on Amazon). So, it’s an awesome disc that looks great with a 3-foil stamp that also has a little bit of historic intrigue embossed on the bottom.