#87 – July 2023 – Galleon – Metal Flake Glow C-Blend

Quantity Manufactured = 1300

Stamp design by Brad Leiby


The JULY featured VIP disc is the brand-new GALLEON by Infinite Discs in Metal Flake Glow C-Blend plastic. This is the introductory and only run of the Galleon for now. We wanted to introduce a slow speed, over stable, utility driver to the Infinite Discs lineup, but only made it available to the VIP Club and Team Infinite members. Why? We thought those two groups would be the best players to test the disc and provide feedback on this unique disc. So, feel free to talk about it, share it online, post photos, trade it, etc. and feel free to say what you think of it. If the VIP Club members and Team Infinite members really like how it flies and how it works into your bag as an over stable utility disc, then we’ll look into future runs in other plastics and a general release. Thanks to Brad Leiby for the excellent 3-foil artwork design!

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