#88 – August 2023 – Raketen – Gold Line

Quantity Manufactured = 1500


The VIP Series featured disc for August 2023, is the RAKETEN by Latitude 64 in Gold Line Burst plastic. We ordered a special run of this discontinued mold to bring back a fun, experimental disc from Latitude 64 which they originally introduced as one of two “15-speed” discs. The Raketen was the more straight-flying disc, while the Missilen was the overstable offering. They used a “hex” dimple technology to make a golf-ball-like surface in hopes of adding speed to the disc. They added smooth surface sections to the top of the disc for thumb placement. The brand ended up dropping the discs because there was some debate as to whether or not the technology actually added any speed or performance to the disc. Some fans have missed the textured discs, and this run definitely revisits some fun history from the art of disc making.

We couldn’t remember ever seeing the discs in Gold Line plastic since they were usually made in more of a clear plastic blend. So, for the special VIP run, we wanted to present it in an opaque blend with some color variety. We hope that you enjoy this special run of Raketen discs. Whether it will ever come back permanently into the market or not, we don’t know, but in the meantime, VIP’s have a fun, collectible disc with a bottom stamp, since it can get messy stamping on a bunch of textured dimples.


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