#91 – November 2023 – Double Steady Mint

The November 2023 disc was the MINT by Clash Discs.  This run was made using their new Double Steady manufacturing process that uses different molds to merge together different pieces of the disc into one finished product. It is a more time-consuming and expensive process.  Clash has been selling their first discs in the Double Steady process at a very high price. The MINT was reserved to introduce through the VIP Club with a special stamp design. The Double Steady Wild Honey was sold retail for about $32-34 each. That’s $10 more than what VIP’s paid for the exclusive Mint release, so we feel it was one of the highest value discs we’ve ever featured in the club. We wanted to finish off the year with a bang. The color combinations are extremely varied with a lot of unique combinations. We hope you enjoy collecting and throwing the Mint by Clash Discs!

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