#89 – September 2023 – Woodpecker – A-Medium

Quantity Manufactured = 1500

Stamp design by Allen Moehr  

The featured disc for September and the 89th in the VIP Series of monthly discs is the WOODPECKER by Disctroyer, the first disc golf manufacturer based in Estonia. The Woodpecker is an overstable approach disc that was recently PDGA approved and has not yet seen a commercial release anywhere in the USA. We worked with Disctroyer to plan a special run in their newest premium plastic blend to introduce the disc through the VIP Club. Disctroyer has used a color printing process for their stamps since they began business and wanted a unique design for the VIP Club edition of the Woodpecker. We worked with artist Allen Moehr for a unique design that would be eye-popping as a full color stamp. We believe that this VIP run of the Woodpecker will be a classic in the series for its visual appeal and for its flight.

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